I am blessed to be a preacher’s wife.  As with most blessings in our lives, there have been times I have temporarily forgotten how blessed the life of a preacher’s wife truly is.   During times that I have been extremely frustrated or dis-heartened by the actions or words of others I have stated to my husband, “If I would have known you would have become a preacher after we were married, I probably wouldn’t have married you.”

     Many would say, “What a horrible, mean thing to say!”  But I have had conversations with other preacher’s wives who absolutely understood and have said, “I have been at that point at times as well.”  I am, however, blessed to be a preacher’s wife.

     I have been a preacher’s wife for 14 years.  There was no training given.  Recently I saw an ad for a school of preaching that said, “Preacher’s aren’t born.  They are trained.”  And I thought how true that is of their wives too!

     Everything I have learned has been by personal experience or by the wisdom of faithful Christian preacher’s wives.   I have never made an observation or had an experience that has not been felt by another preacher’s wife.  There is nothing special about us; we just happened to marry ministers of the Gospel.

     The preacher’s wife must smile when her husband is criticized for preaching the truth.  However, she is blessed because this will make her a stronger defender of the Gospel.

     Her husband is often gone for gospel meetings, hospital visits, or member’s homes to offer prayers and encouragement – while she is home alone with their children.  Yet, she is blessed because she knows that he is needed by God, and being his helpmeet allows him the opportunity to do the Lord’s will.

     Her children are often watched microscopically and their conduct inspected.  Yet, she is blessed to have so many Christians in her church family that love her children and care for the future of their souls.

      Many preachers do not make the same money as others with the same level of college education.   They do not typically have insurance benefits or retirement plans as most companies offer employees.  Yet, she is blessed when she has a church family that generously pays their minister what they can afford.

     She may never stay in her hometown surrounded by her family as possibly assumed growing up.  She may have to leave her family behind, sometimes states away.  She may not be able to stop by and visit her family or have them over for dinner throughout the week.  Yet, she is blessed that her church family will gives her children hugs, kisses, prayers, and even include them in their family events such as birthdays and holidays.  I do not know of many secular jobs that would do the same for their employees.

     Her friendships are unlike any other in the world.  She must be very careful who she confides in and hold dear to her those she learns to trust.  She is surrounded by women at church and work, but few will cross the boundary into friendship simply because they have not come to understand that she is simply human.

     She laughs when happy, she cries when sad, she has hobbies, she eats, and she sleeps . . . there is nothing “different” about her.  She is like any other woman who needs friendships with other women.  She has come to learn that even though her friends may be few, it’s not the quantity but the quality of friends that matter.  She is blessed because the Lord’s hand has delivered the highest quality friends she could ever think to pray for!

     I am blessed to be a preacher’s wife, and I am not going to forget – for long – how blessed the life of a preacher’s wife truly is.   There will be times of extreme frustration and I know that I will at some point be disheartened again by the actions or words of others.  Yet, I remain blessed to be a preacher’s wife.