Luke 13:23-30

 The inquirer probably had no doubt that he would be one of the saved.

  1. Many like questions are speculative with no bearing on conduct.
  2. One might ask this question: haughtily, good naturedly, or anxiously.
  3. Our Lord was concerned not with numbers, but with hearts.
  4. Some clear lessons about the matter of salvation:

All Can Be Saved.

  1. God finds no pleasure in folks being lost.  Ezekiel. 18:23, 32
  2. God provided Calvary for everyone.  Isaiah. 53:6; I John 2:2
  3. God wants all to be saved.  I Timothy 2:3, 4; II Peter 3:9

Many Will Not Be Saved.

  1. Universalism says “everybody.” Matthew 7:13, 14
  2. Three years later our Lord’s language is stronger! 13:3, 5, 24-28.
  3. Heaven and Hell are real and eternal. Matthew 25:41, 46.

Some Will Not Be Saved Who Expected To Be Saved.

  1. They ignored personal holiness. Sinful habits; self-righteousness.
  2. They were “seekers”—Not “strivers.” Difficulties come:
  3. From within our own heart: ignorance, unbelief, depravity…
  4. From the very nature of religion; mortification and self-denial.
  5. From opposition of those who are Christ’s enemies.
  6. They sought salvation too late!  The door of mercy was shut.

Some Will Be Saved Whom We Did Not Expect To Be Saved.

  1. The sinful woman. Luke 7:36-60
  2. The tax collector. Luke 19:1-10
  3. The persecutor. I Timothy 1:12-17; Acts 9:13, 14
  4. The Roman centurion Gentile. Acts 11:1-4; 15:5-11

No One Will Be Saved Except In God’s Way. (God’s plan  requires:)

  1. Hearing the gospel.  Acts 18:8
  2. Believing in Jesus Christ.  Acts 16:30, 31
  3. Repentance of past sins.  Acts 2:38
  4. Confession of faith in Jesus Christ.  Romans 10:9, 10
  5. Water baptism (immersion) for the remission of sins.  I Peter 3:21
  6. Growth in grace and knowledge.  II Peter 1:5-7; 3:18
  7. Walking in the light.  I John 1:7-9

A little girl once greeted a friend bearing bad news with “daddy.”  Mother explained, “She has been waiting for him all day.  He was so close to home, but he will never be coming home!”  This is how it is with some and heaven?  Maybe even some of you.  Quit seeking and start striving.